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Emma and Levi......are 5 months apart. Emma was born 3 November 2004 and I soon realised she needed a playmate. I was very lucky to find Levi within a few months of getting Emma, as I waited nearly two years for Emma!Levi was born 28 March 2005 and was the naughtiest puppy alive! Him and Emma immediately hit it off and became the best of Beagle Buddies.I desperately needed to find an outlet for my Beagle kids' energy, and ventured into the world of agility. It soon became one of my biggest passions, apart from the Beagle breed, and today Emma and Levi are both competing in the top grades. I made a friend in Slovenia, running her Beagle Xsara in agility, and she inspired me to start teaching them tricks. I'm enjoying it very much and hopefully this blog will be as entertaining and inspiring to others, as Xsara's is to me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another QC for Levi!

We had another champ show yesterday, and my boy had 2 clear rounds. The first in contact, where he won his second QC, so one more to go to become champion! :)

The second clear round in non-contact was a bit slower than competitor, Jack Russel Garro, who took the QC.

Levi really worked well and we enjoyed the challenging courses. Unfortunately once again, no video.

Emma was disappointing, as she was not interested in running at all. She was very very slow and only picked up on the last stretch of all her runs. It was really very frustrating. I am not sure whether to take her out of competition for a while or not, as I suspect she's getting bored again. It's also going to be summer soon, and she has never performed when it's hot, so will have to see. For now I'm definitely not going to take her to training, I will only train with Levi. Me & my boy will have to start pushing if we want to beat the fast dogs' times. Mantis (mini Aussie) who is really fast, will also be back in competition from the next show onwards, as she was busy with a litter of pups she had about 8 weeks ago. So, exciting and challenging times ahead! :)

Well, will keep you posted.

For now, I'm enjoying the AWC from million miles away, watching the live results update as they happen... also enjoyed some video clips, until there were some hassles and now, no more clips. :(

Really want to go as a supporter next year! Very exciting!!!

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TWa76 said...

Creat to hear that Levi and you have had succesful tracks. I know the feeling when you don't know what to do with your another dog. I have those moments with my younger beagle.

I had the pleasure to bee in audience in AWC and I agree that I need to try get to do same next year.
I try to find out your mail address some where. I might have some material from AWC if you want.

Br Taru &
and beagles Lenni & Vekku

Photos in slideshow courtesy of Gary Killian.

Levi pulling out front in Drag Hunt

Photos in slideshow courtesy of Nico Nel.