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Emma and Levi......are 5 months apart. Emma was born 3 November 2004 and I soon realised she needed a playmate. I was very lucky to find Levi within a few months of getting Emma, as I waited nearly two years for Emma!Levi was born 28 March 2005 and was the naughtiest puppy alive! Him and Emma immediately hit it off and became the best of Beagle Buddies.I desperately needed to find an outlet for my Beagle kids' energy, and ventured into the world of agility. It soon became one of my biggest passions, apart from the Beagle breed, and today Emma and Levi are both competing in the top grades. I made a friend in Slovenia, running her Beagle Xsara in agility, and she inspired me to start teaching them tricks. I'm enjoying it very much and hopefully this blog will be as entertaining and inspiring to others, as Xsara's is to me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


- NEWSFLASH - My little Emma became my first ever Champion -

This past weekend has been the best of my Agility Career so far! We started off Saturday with a Fun Day Fundraiser for our friend Linda who will be attending the FCI AWC in Finland with her Brittany, Dylan, later this month. We had loads of fun playing Agility Games and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Sunday came the big Champ Show... really expensive entry fees and the nerves were on the go in full force. Lucky for me, Chinzi's flyball event which always starts the day off, alleviates most of the pressure somewhat as it's so fast and hectic that there's no chance to be stressed and the adrenalin starts pumping. Once again Chinzi's team won the event with a time of 19.09 seconds... still trying our best to break the 19sec barrier, but hopefully soon soon!

On to the Agility where we ran Contact first. It was Levi's first time out in Grade 3 (top grade) in the Contact discipline. The course started of quite open and flowing, but had a few twists and turns in the middle. First I ran with Emma, and she ran a beautiful clear round, quite fast for her standards, even though I slowed her down a tad on the contacts to make sure, she still managed 4.3 m/s. Next I ran Levi, and although it wasn't our most flowing round ever, we made it round, also clear and in a time 2 seconds faster than Emma, managing 4.5 m/s to win the QC, Levi's first ever in Contact! Mom was ecstatic and now the day was made, nothing else mattered, this was enough to keep me smiling the whole day and the next week!

BC sister Chinzi was next up in Contact Grade 1, and she ran a quite slow-ish round to her standards, only managing 4.3 m/s, but also gaining a Qualification and a 1st place. On to the Dog Jumping, where Chinzi having to face the "Doberman Jump" for the first time ever, got a bit of a fright and ran round them... unfortunately giving us a refusal fault which meant, no Jump-off for Chinzi, but other than that, we had a good round. Emma had to run the same course and went clear, so later it would be her and a few little ones in the Jump-off for the Dog Jumping QC.

Non-Contact arrived and me and Chinzi had a horrible round in a icy and very strong wind, which blew a jump over while we were running, Chinz also popped out the weaves too early and knocked two bars, but funnily enough, we still managed a 3rd place. Not one to be proud of, but I guess the icy and windy conditions influenced the other competitors as well.

Jumping Run-off saw Emma beat little speedster Lizzie by 0.1 seconds, to win the QC! Her second in the Dog Jumping discipline.

Finally, the last huge event of the day, Non-Contact 3... it was a course with quite a tricky section after the weavepoles and it took some real hard thinking and planning to figure out how to be prepared for this. This time, Levi was up first... both Beagles standing on 2 QC's in this discipline each, and with them having a 1st and 2nd place finish in the Contact, the chances were pretty good for either of them walking away with the honours of becoming my first ever champion. Levi was up first... we negotiated the really tricky part quite well, to my great surprise, and sped on to the rest of the course... down a straight with a sharp turn coming up towards a tunnel, but with a jump straight ahead, NOT to be taken... mom suddenly scared that Levi might carry on straight over the jump, turned a TAD too early, making him veer past the last jump he should have taken, straight into the tunnel, resulting in a very unfortunate elimination for us, as he was going like a rocket and well on his way to his 2nd QC of the day. Emma was next up... and now it was ALL or NOTHING... lucky for me the icy conditions always make my girl run faster, and she went like a rocket! The tricky section we negotiated to perfection and was probably the tightest on the day! She responded beautifully to finish with a speed of 4.4m/s, probably her fastest ever on a course of this difficulty. She was 5 seconds faster than then next dog with a clear round and SHE WON THE QC! My girl became the first Beagle in South Africa to become a Non-Contact Agility Champion! My day couldn't have been any better. Such a sweet result, for such a sweet dog, and so well deserved. EMMA, MY CHAMPION! :) I am so so so proud of my little Beagle girl!

It was a day well worth the money spent. Not only did we receive the most beautiful trophies for placings, in total my 3 doggies received roundabout 32kg of dog food, which also is the stuff I feed, so it was a bonus! Chinzi's flyball prize was Frontline for 2 months for all 3 of them, so mommy was smiling all the way!

Photos of the stars and the trophies will be posted soon!

Very unfortunate, but I do not have any video clips of these rounds.


Xsara ... said...

Congrats to the little champ! And to Chinzi and Levi as well, of course :)

TWa76 said...

Congratulations of your championship!
I love to read about other agility beagles.

Photos in slideshow courtesy of Gary Killian.

Levi pulling out front in Drag Hunt

Photos in slideshow courtesy of Nico Nel.